Cyber Security Club at Virginia Tech

The Cyber Security Club at Virginia Tech is a student organization in Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Virginia Tech founded in spring 2011 with the goal of encouraging and expanding the study of cyber security and related fields. We aim to develop awareness in all areas of cyber security including physical, social, hardware, and software.


We meet every Tuesday at 6:30 PM in WLH 350 (above Turner Place).

At the next meeting (March 3rd) we will be discussing recent news in security. Noah will be giving a presentation on finding interesting actors in a social network using only organizational membership lists. This will serve as motivation for Matt's discussion of the PGP Web of Trust and how Pond solves some problems inherent to the web of trust design.

Some limited (and for now rather incomplete) information on past meetings can be found our wiki.


CTF Events for the Spring semester are in the works!


Support for the Cyber Security Club is provided by the Virginia Tech IT Security Office, the Ted and Karyn Hume Center for National Security and Technology, and General Electric.

  • General Electric